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Wurster protects with polyethylene and sealing tape

What does a supplier of film packaging do against Covid-19? What it can do - that is the answer from Wurster Druck + Verpackungen GmbH. Using the formula "Tinkering + film + finishing = protective suits", the Metzingen-based company has designed a cover made of polyethylene that can be sealed with adhesive tape.

As Wurster writes on his Facebbook page, in response to the corona crisis the team has developed a protective suit for hospitals, doctors and nursing services in cooperation with a local clinic - as the supply of nonwoven suits is no longer fully guaranteed. The 125 centimetre long suit consists of a body and two sleeves with cut-outs for the head and arms. The usual edition numbers Wurster between 5,000 and 100,000 sets. The usual editions from 5,000 to 100,000 sets are possible.

The company describes the pure PE film used for the transparent disposable suits as completely recyclable. Only carbon dioxide and water are released in the waste incineration process.