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CHT disinfects and glues test kits

Since mid-March, the specialty chemicals manufacturers of the CHT Group based in Tübingen have been producing disinfectants in three-shift operation. Now, an adhesive is added to the production, which laboratories use in flock tests.

As a reaction to the corona pandemic, CHT Germany GmbH has initially started the production of the hand disinfectant in the Dußlingen plant. As the company announces, CHT belongs to the individualised group of addressees of "pharmacies, companies of the pharmaceutical industry and companies of the chemical industry" since the approval by the Federal Agency for Chemicals. The CHT hand disinfectant is produced on the basis of a publicly accessible standard recipe of the WHO. Due to the high demand CHT prefers to supply regional customers from the fields of medicine and care as well as wholesalers for pharmacies or drugstores.

Covid-19 approaches the CHT Group in a different way: The business unit printing and flocking produces three different adhesives with and without solvents for flocking test sticks which are used for medical diagnoses. The adhesives can be applied in a dipping process and are then electrostatically flocked and dried The flocked swabs for the smears have not only proven themselves according to the company, but the demand for flocking adhesive for diagnostic kits has increased significantly in the first quarter of 2020 and an end is not yet in sight.

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