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[Translate to English:] Modell "Hi Function" von sporthoch2 aus Balingen; Foto: PR

sporthoch2 adds face masks to its range

Functional running shorts, brightly coloured fitness dresses, light gym shoes or special shoes for artistic cycling or vaulting - Sporthoch2 has something extraordinary and special in its range. Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, however, large quantities have also been produced: the Balingen-based sportswear manufacturer sews breathing masks in two designs and three different colours.

Owner Tobias Wagenblast and his team also set special accents in design and materials. For example, in addition to the standard model made of cotton-polyester blended fabrics suitable for boil wash, there is also the "Hi Function" face mask made of three-layer soft shell. Windproof, waterproof and breathable thanks to the climate membrane and Teflon impregnation, this mask is unmistakably from the sports sector with its demands for functionality, durability and cleaning properties.

For the company, which sees the masks as a supplement to, but by no means as a replacement for, medical products, the production of the face mask offers the possibility of continuing operations despite Covid-19 and also of doing something for the region through local production.

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