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[Translate to English:] Schutzkittel aus Burladingen; Foto: Trigema

Protective gown by Trigema

100 percent cotton, knitted cuffs for a secure hold and suitable for boil-washing: the name smock is by no means derogatory for the latest piece from the Trigema collection. After reusable face masks, the manufacturer of sports and leisure wear from the Zollernalbkreis region now also has a long-sleeved woven body protection in its range.

During the Corona crisis, Wolfgang Grupps Burladinger company primarily supply customers in the medical and care sectors, although delivery delays may occur due to high demand. Trigema expressly points out that the gown is neither certified nor medically tested.

With regard to the safest possible handling of the risks of Covid-19 infection, the company points out the fine distinction between "social distancing" and "physical distancing". According to the company, physical rather than social distance is appropriate in times of crisis. The advice: "Do not meet with friends and family, because the situation is serious and should not be underestimated. Stick to the recommendation to stay at home whenever possible. Stick to the ban on contact. Do not take the risk of becoming a danger of infection for others. But we say clearly: Make a phone call! Call friends and family. Use video calls to see each other. The Internet offers many ways to get in touch. Talk to grandma and grandpa, write a letter or draw a picture. Even if the internet doesn't work or grandma and grandpa don't have access to it, there is still the good old mail. It's there for all of us - to maintain social contacts, we should also use the old-fashioned method."

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