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[Translate to English:] Waschbare Gesichtsmaske; Bild: Rösch

Instructions for the use of washable masks by Rösch

The Tübingen-based Rösch Fashion GmbH & Co. KG currently primarily supplies institutional and commercial customers with a reusable face mask that retains saliva drops and reduces the likelihood of getting caught in the face. Properly washed and applied, the masks reduce the risk of corona virus transmission through droplet infection.

Unlike disposable products, reusable masks do not need to be constantly replenished and there is less waste. Rösch provides some advice for use: Before wearing the masks for the first time, they should be washed at 90 degrees in the washing machine. Washing hands before putting them on prevents additional viruses or bacteria from getting on the outer shell of the face mask. For a comfortable fit you should first attach the elastic behind the ears and then adjust the mask to the face through the crease. If necessary, the fabric of the Rösch mask can be ironed, but the iron should not be passed over the heat-sensitive rubber parts.

Rösch points out that the three-layer textile mask is neither CE-certified nor otherwise tested. In combination with hand washing, keeping your distance and sneezing labels, the product can help to limit transmission paths.

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