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"Die Kavallerie" comes with polypropylene

Economic Development "Die Kavallerie" from Tübingen is going its own way against the spread of Covid-19. Like numerous textile manufacturers, the EverMask offered by the Agency for Media and Communication filters the breath through several layers. However, the concept relies on a dimensionally stable plastic frame.

What the agency had in mind for the permanent mask is described on their website as follows: "If everyone does what they can do, we will get this crisis over. We can do laser cutting and develop new solutions as creative minds". The result is a mask made of polypropylene which, according to the supplier, is light, odourless and skin-friendly and is resistant to boiling water and common disinfectants. Various filter materials can be used in the mask as required. Small pieces of fabric from your own household, such as boil-proof cotton, for example, would have the same effect as a simple fabric mask. Washable material reduces the amount of waste, but even disposable paper inserts reduce waste. With filters made from vacuum cleaner bags, which are supposed to offer better protection for the wearer of the mask against the corona virus, the company points out that the materials are not made for the processing of breathing air and may contain harmful substances.

The agency brings the social aspect into play through its own donations, but customers also have the option of donating the EverMask to institutions of their choice. "Die Kavallerie" sees another idea for the B2B sector in the fact that companies brand the mask and send visitors as an invitation.

The EverMask is available online in the "tuemarkt" supported by the Tübinger Economic Development (WIT).