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[Translate to English:] Handgemacht: Die Masken-Schablone des Metzinger Nähcafés; Bildquelle:Stadt Metzingen

Metzingen sews and Hugo Boss says thanks

The internationally renowned fashion city is posting a pattern for face masks on the Internet, the global fashion group describes respiratory protection as its most important product and thanks everyone who "kept the country going" via video in its online shop.

As Hugo Boss AG reports, the company has temporarily switched its production facility at its headquarters in Metzingen to manufacturing face masks as a contribution to containing the Covid 19 pandemic. Initially, around 200,000 reusable masks will be produced there and subsequently donated to public institutions. At the same time, the company will donate 20 percent of its online sales currently generated in the USA to the American Red Cross, thus supporting important relief efforts against the pandemic. In addition, the company has temporarily closed almost all of its own stores and points of sale at important trading partners in Europe and America in order to protect the public and in compliance with official regulations.

Instructions for the manufacture of mouth-and-nose protectors for private use can be found on the website of the city of Metzingen. In addition to the pleasure of handicraft, the city also offers solid arguments for using needle and thread: "Even with simple, self-sewn masks, the uncontrolled coughing up or sniffing out of droplets is prevented. If as many people as possible wear a mask, this counteracts the spread of the corona virus." The sewing instructions and the pattern were specially made and provided by Margarete Riedlinger, citizen mentor and director of the Metzinger Nähcafe. It is important that the masks are made of cotton or cotton-polyester blends, so that they can be washed at a minimum of 30 degrees, better at 60 degrees.

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