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[Translate to English:] Moldex produziert Schutzmasken in Europa; Foto: PR

Moldex reports ready for delivery

Moldex, a manufacturer of respiratory and hearing protection products, produces FFP2 and FFP3 respirators in Europe. These masks are currently in particularly high demand due to the corona virus. "We are still able to supply because we produce locally," says Roman Skov, one of the managing directors of the company based in Walddorfhäslach.

According to its own information, Moldex produces the masks itself, from the knitted band to the filter, and is therefore independent of supply chains. By working extra shifts and overtime, the company has even been able to increase its production at short notice.

Moldex will supply tens of thousands of masks per week to the newly created unit set up by the Federal Ministry of Health for the central procurement and distribution of personal protective equipment to first-aiders, medical personnel and authorities. Moldex intends to offer the masks at its best trading conditions. In addition, the company will ensure, albeit to a limited extent, the supply of previous customers from other sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industry and trade. "If a pharmaceutical manufacturer can no longer produce because of a lack of protective equipment, this too quickly becomes a problem," says Roman Skov.

Moldex is critical of the export ban on FFP2 and FFP3 masks, which has been in force since March 4 and which also applies to exports to other EU countries. They understand that the situation is exceptional and that national interests can come to the fore. "As a European company, however, we also have a pan-European responsibility," says Torben Skov, also a member of the management. It must also be remembered that the economy is interlinked, especially in the EU. "If we stop sending masks to our neighbours, we may soon be missing important supplies of other urgently needed protective equipment from these countries.

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