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[Translate to English:] Die Haigerlocher LexXir GmbH, eigentlich Hersteller von Luxusprodukten, hat die Produktion auf das Desinfektionsmittel "Debavilex" umgestellt. Foto: PR

LexXir: From luxury product to disinfectant

Haigerloch-based LexXir GmbH has converted its production to a high-dosage ethanol-based hand disinfectant within just under two weeks with the support of the Tübingen Regional Council. Surface disinfectants will soon follow.

As the medium-sized producer of spirits and trendy products such as wine and honey pearls reports, the company not only wanted to maintain operations during the corona crisis, but also to be able to support medical institutions. Meanwhile, the biocide "Debavilex" is supplied to some nursing homes, pharmacies and several health care institutions.

Since ethanol has become scarce due to the Covid19 pandemic, LexXir is investigating whether ethanol-based surface disinfectants can be realized in cooperation with breweries. The main focus here is on hospitals and nursing homes. The plan for the future is to maintain contact with current customers in the regional area even after the crisis and to continue to supply them with disinfectants.