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Speidel makes the mesh for the mask

Tight-fitting, but made of two-layer organic cotton and exclusively in white - the latest product from lingerie manufacturer Speidel clearly stands out from the other collections from Bodelshausen. There is a variety of reusable mouth-nose protectors: there are two fastening options for the best possible wearing comfort.

The inhabitants of Bodelshausen probably know best by now how the mask is worn, because the company has donated the first batch to the local people - just in time before the Corona Ordinance of the state makes breathing protection mandatory when shopping. In the meantime, the protection, which is intended to slow down the spread of Covid-19, can also be purchased online and in outlet shops in Baden-Württemberg. Speidel has reopened its own shops.

Speidel's fabric production passes through several stations in the Neckar-Alb region: From the circular knitting machines in Bodelshausen, the stitches are sent to Bisingen for bleaching, and in Albstadt the knitted fabric is given a liquid-repellent finish. Sewing and packaging is carried out in Hungary. Speidel has now increased weekly production to 100,000 units. According to the company, demand is much higher, but only some of the knitting machines developed for lingerie fabrics can be converted at reasonable cost.

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