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Naturana uses sewing machines and networks

A simple breathing mask without medical certificates is quickly made, tutorials are available since the spread of the coronavirus on the Internet in great numbers. The Gomaringen based lingerie and swimwear manufacturer Naturana calculates the number of pieces at 5,000 - per day.

NATURANA Dölker GmbH & Co. KG recently entered the mouthguard production with its subsidiary in the Czech Republic. There, the face cover, which is supposed to slow down Covid-19, is compulsory and local hospitals have requested it, as Managing Director Ulf Hoffmann reported to the Reutlinger General-Anzeiger. Naturana had reacted pragmatically and even improvised filter masks from vacuum cleaner bags.

Dense, boilable cotton fabric makes some variations for masks possible, as they are now also sewn in three layers at the parent company, so that the seamstresses can keep the necessary distance from each other. But what is not there is profit for the company. The first 3,000 masks were donated. The company primarily supplies nursing staff, and that close to cost price. In view of the high demand for certified protective equipment, the company is using its contacts with its own suppliers in the textile industry. Anything that comes in through these channels is to end up directly with doctors. 

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