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ProtectMe: knitted protection as a colourful loop

Against corona, Maute + Renz Textil GmbH is focusing on colourful accents and on high-tech fibres with fused silver ions. The loops of the "ProtectMe" label cover the majority of the face without neglecting fashionable demands.

In the online shop, the company, which is based in Albstadt-Tailfingen, presents a wide range of products: giraffe, comic or jeans - the face masks offer plenty of variety on the outside. According to the manufacturer, the inner life of the hygiene product, which is designed to slow down the spread of Covid-19, consists of 93 per cent antimicrobial fibres that inhibit the growth of microorganisms and hence the development of unpleasant odours. This protection is permanent and remains 100 percent after washing at 95 degrees. This also applies to the colours of the print and the wearing comfort of the elastic material.

As Maute + Renz reports, the fibre comes from German production, the ProtectMe Loop is knitted, finished, printed, made up, packaged and shipped from Albstadt. The knitting mill has been processing Trevira Bioactive for some years now and has good experience with the antimicrobial and moisture-repellent properties of the fabric, which is used above all for doctors' and hospital clothing.

Maute + Renz produces circular knitted fabrics for the clothing industry under the brands "MR-création" and "jeune-tricot". The company considers technical textiles as its speciality.

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