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[Translate to English:] Bosch bringt einen Corona-Schnelltest für das Vivalytic-System auf den Markt. Foto: PR

Bosch launches Corona rapid test

The medical technology division of Robert Bosch GmbH, which is also based in the Neckar-Alb region, has developed a fully automated COVID-19 rapid test for the Vivalytic system. This test is designed to detect cornavirus infection in only two and a half hours from sample collection to results.

According to Bosch, the test can be performed directly at the site of clinical treatment. Transport routes that cost valuable time are no longer necessary. Patients quickly gain certainty about their state of health. Infected persons can be identified and isolated immediately.

The Bosch rapid test is one of the world's first fully automated molecular diagnostic tests that can be used directly by medical institutions. In addition, the same sample can be used to test not only COVID-19, but also nine other respiratory diseases such as influenza A and B. "The special feature of the Bosch test is that differential diagnostics also saves doctors the time needed for further tests, provides them with a rapid, well-founded diagnosis, and enables them to initiate suitable therapy more quickly," says Marc Meier, managing director of Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH. The newly developed test will be available in Germany from April, with other European and non-European markets to follow.

According to the company, in various laboratory tests with Covid-19, the Bosch test delivered results with an accuracy of over 95 percent. The rapid test meets the quality standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). The sample is taken from a patient's nose or throat using a swab. The cartridge, which already contains all the reagents required for the test, is then inserted into the Bosch Vivalytic device for analysis. According to the product description, medical personnel can devote themselves to other tasks during the analysis, such as treating patients.

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