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[Translate to English:] Infektionsschutzplatte aus Acrylglas; Bildquelle: Reiff

The company Reiff goes behind the protective glass

Smiling at customers is still possible: Reutlinger Reiff Technische Produkte GmbH has added acrylic glass panes for counters to its range of products and offers suitable disinfectants in addition to custom-fit cutting and an assembly system. The company has supplied transparent plastic for face shields to aid organisations free of charge.

The most beautiful place is supposedly always at the counter - unless the corona virus could spread there. That is why Reiff offers light infection protection plates in different versions, which should be easy and stable to install using a plug-in system. Water and rinsing liquid or an alcohol-free disinfectant should be sufficient for cleaning.

When entering the spit protection business in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, Reiff also considered the local campaign FaceShield, which uses a laser cutter and 3D printers to produce face protection for aid organisations. Out of 30 transparent PVC sheets, 1,000 protective shields were created.