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[Translate to English:] Marc Eberhart, Geschäftsführer von E-Projecta; Foto: PR

E-Projecta digitizes corona test procedure in Zollernalbkreis

The software is called Epro-Care, and its benefit should lie in efficiency: Within a few days, the Balingen-based system house E-Projecta has digitalised the registration processes for corona tests in the Zollernalbkreis.

The Balingen District Office was primarily interested in an electronic appointment allocation system for the smear tests. E-Projecta describes the finished product as "fast and secure digital communication with the patient and the participating doctors, outpatient clinics, the corona test centre, laboratories and clinics. The complete process is divided into three stages: If Covid-19 is suspected in the doctor's practice, the patient data is recorded once, a uniquely assigned procedure number is assigned and the registration at the test centre is generated. The patient receives a confirmation of his appointment by SMS or e-mail, with which he can enter the test centre at the Balingen Exhibition Centre at the appropriate time. The smear with the procedure number is then sent to the laboratory and as soon as the result is available, the Health Department receives the confirmation within minutes.

E-Projecta managing director Marc Eberhart would have liked to go one step further. His cloud solution "in a secure German data center" would technically allow the test persons to be notified directly of a negative test result. However, the district administration office refrains from this for data protection reasons and relies on the telephone call, as can be heard from a radio report by SWR.