Locations in Neckar-Alb

Locations in Neckar-Alb

The Film Commission Neckar-Alb wants to make the region known as a film and television location. In cooperation with the location agency Tübingen-Reutlingen-Zollernalb GmbH, the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH and the MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH, the Film Commission supports producers in their search for locations.

The Film Commission Region Neckar-Alb, based in Reutlingen and Stuttgart, is an advisory centre for all aspects of film production in the districts of Tübingen, Reutlingen and Zollernalb. Its aim is to make film-makers aware of the attractiveness of the Neckar-Alb region. The Film Commission's services include the placement of film locations and filmmakers, individual support in obtaining filming permits, cooperation with authorities and clarification of legal and organisational issues. Local production companies and filmmakers are offered the opportunity to be included in the database, as are interesting, unusual and private locations.

Ulla Matzen is the new director of the Film Commission Neckar-Alb. She represents Laura Müller until her return in 2021. The media engineer has been working as a project manager for the Film Commission Region Stuttgart since 2007 and, building on this, would like to further develop the Neckar-Alb region as an attractive landscape with great potential for film and television. "I am very pleased to be allowed to use me now also for the region Neckar Alb as a great film landscape with singular and unused film locations. To network the filmmakers more strongly with each other and to further advance the expansion of the regional databases supports us in showing the strengths of the location", says Matzen about the new task.

Cinema and television productions with locations in Neckar-Alb (selection)

"Spätzle Arrabiata" TV series SWR 2019 ( Schömberg, Balingen, Zollernalb district)

"Lassie Come Home"  Movie 2019 (Swabian Alb near Bad Urach)

"Dreigroschenfilm" Movie 2017 (Motorworld Manufaktur Metzingen)

"Laible & Frisch - Da goht dr doig"  Movie 2017 (Metzingen, Reutlingen, Bad Urach, Swabian Alb)

"A Cure for Wellness" Movie 2016 (Hohenzollern Castle)

"Die Büffel sind los" Movie 2016 (Mehrstetten, Reutlingen district)

"verliebt, verlobt, vertauscht" Movie 2015 (Künkele Mühle, Bad Urach)

"George" Movie 2013 (Altes Lager, Münsingen)

"Global Player" Movie 2013 (Hechingen)

"Schuld sind immer die anderen" Movie 2013  (Altes Lager, Münsingen)

"Wer wenn nicht wir" Movie 2011 (Tübingen)

"Laible & Frisch", TV series SWR,  2009 - 2010 (Reutlingen, Bad Urach, Swabian Alb)

Bauhaus architecture
The Film Commission Stuttgart has released a set of postcards to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. The motives include the "Haus auf der Alb" (today the conference centre of the "Landeszentrale für politische Bildung") and the former textile printing company "Pausa" in Mössingen. There, the year 2019 is marked by the Anniversary of the festival.
Order the postcard set "100 Jahre Bauhaus


The Film Commission is coordinator and mediator at the interface between film productions, filmmakers, motif donors and public institutions - to strengthen the film location Stuttgart Region and Neckar-Alb. In addition to the location guide, it operates the production guide and supports national and international producers, for example in dealing with authorities and obtaining filming permits. The Film Commission provides effective support, which is highly valued by producers, through its targeted provision of information and as a contact point for the regional film industry.

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