Educational Landscape

Neckar-Alb: A Region of Knowledge

Home to a deep pool of thinkers and inventors, the Neckar-Alb region has always been known for its clever minds. Seven universities and many other institutions of research, transfer, and education form the solid foundation of our “Region of Knowledge”.


The extremely high quality of the education offered by the Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen was confirmed in 2012 when the university was declared an official “University of Excellence”. With over 280 courses of study, its range of offers is remarkably broad and pursues an interdisciplinary approach.

The universities in Reutlingen, Albstadt-Sigmaringen, and Rottenburg have also lived up to their potential with highly specialized degree programs. Reutlingen’s modern educational institutions have received top rankings in the business faculties for years, remaining true to the philosophy that research and practice go hand-in-hand. The universities in Rottenburg and Albstadt-Sigmaringen focus on future-oriented courses of study, offering degrees in forestry, energy, and resource management and textiles and IT respectively.

Other highly specialized universities in Reutlingen prove that good things do come in small packages. With just 63 students, the Theological College of the United Methodist Church provides a very individualized education. The (protestant ) Tübingen University of Sacred Music and the (catholic) Institutum Superius Musicae Sacrae in Rottenburg maintain ecumenism by collaboration.

The region boasts many other flagships of research and development beyond its universities that conduct both independent and contract-related research. An example is the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) in Reutlingen. This institute has been active in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and surfaces and materials technology for years, carrying out relevant research for companies or with the help of state subsidies. With offers ranging from research to the evaluation of a project, the NMI covers the entire service spectrum to advance the region in the field of research.