Skilled crafts and trades

The economic power next door

Skilled crafts and trades, with its many small and medium-sized businesses, are regarded as the backbone of the national economy and are sources of growth and employment. The region of the Chamber of Crafts Reutlingen with the districts of Freudenstadt, Reutlingen, Sigmaringen, Tübingen and Zollernalb generates annual sales of 9.2 billion euros.






Nothing is possible in today's everyday life without craftsmanship - the products and services ensure survival, make for a pleasant home, fulfill individual wishes and create a quality of life. In fact, the German cities owe their early economic development, especially to the craftsmen. Skilled crafts are on the one hand occupations with a long tradition, such as goldsmiths, silversmiths and saddlers. On the other hand modern technologies are essential in almost all crafts today. Complex production processes, for example in the field of medical or dental technology or in the aerospace industry, require precision and technical know-how. Skilled crafts means lifelong learning, especially in occupations where ever-evolving technologies play a role.

Apprenticeships in Skilled Crafts


All paths are open to motivated people in the skilled trades. More than 130 apprenticeships offer attractive future prospects for every interest and talent - regardless of school-leaving qualifications or background. Technical understanding, the desire to tinker, creativity, a feeling for colors and shapes, the joy of working with people - in the skilled trades, skills and interests can be realized in more ways than in any other sector of the economy. And there's something else, too: the inner satisfaction of seeing what you've created at the end of the workday.

Numerous opportunities for further training open up promising career paths. And with a master craftsman's certificate in your pocket, you can become your own boss or go to college without having to graduate from high school. Anyone who learns a craft lays an excellent foundation for their life's journey.