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Unbeatable Quality of Life

Once you come to the Neckar-Alb region, you’ll wonder how you could have ever been happy anywhere else. The region owes its unparalleled quality of life to a varied landscape that has even been recognized by UNESCO for its natural beauty. This lovely countryside is decorated with the mighty castles and enchanted palaces of old, and even holds natural treasures hidden deep below the earth. Limestone caves like the Nebelhöhle and Bärenhöhle in Bad Urach, for example, invite visitors to immerse themselves in a subterranean world of magic and fantasy. 


The business location Neckar-Alb boasts ideal working and living conditions. But you don’t have to take our word for it! The region’s treasure chest of art, culture, and nature surrounding the Swabian Alb mountain range speaks for itself. Discover the many aspects that make this region so unique and exciting – which, by the way, is also reflected by a thriving tourism industry.



A Paradise for Action-Seekers

Bike or hike through the enchanting foothills of the Swabian Alb. Glide in a canoe or boat down the cool, shining waters of the region’s rivers. Ski down the snowy mountain slopes or go golfing or horseback riding in the magnificent countryside. No matter your preference, the Neckar-Alb region offers myriad leisure activities sure to satisfy even the most demanding action-seeker or nature lover. These outdoor adventures take place at an average of 800 meters above sea level, with altitudes ranging anywhere from 275 to 1,011 meters above sea level at the top of Oberhohenberg. 

A 1,200-km-long network of cross-country ski trails and 41 ski lifts are just a few examples of the region’s vast recreational value, while an array of nationally renowned wellness spas and thermal baths provide some much-need relaxation. Living in the Neckar-Alb means you get to live where others go on vacation!

An Endless Sea of Culture

The Neckar-Alb region offers countless cultural attractions thanks to its rich and varied history. Remarkable architecture in the medieval cities of Tübingen and Bad Urach will transport you back in time to the days of lords, knights, and ladies. Other highlights that offer insight into the region’s noble past include the breathtaking medieval monastery complex of Bebenhausen and the 165-year-old Hohenzollern Castle, whose sparkling reputation can’t help but fall short of its unparalleled beauty. 

Fine art enthusiasts will feel right at home in the region’s many museums. With topics ranging from modern art and technology to local history, there’s sure to be the right museum for every taste and interest. And since there’s no such thing as too much culture, a vast range of theaters and concerts adds the final touch to the region’s enviable cultural landscape.

A World of Culinary Delights

The Swabian countryside abounds with delectable cuisine! Local specialties include “Kässpätzle” (egg noodles with cheese), “Maultaschen” (Swabian-style ravioli) or lentil beans with egg noodles and “Saitenwurst” (long Viennese sausages), not to mention an array of fine wines whose flawless reputations reach far beyond regional borders.

Swabian pretzels – or “the bakery favorite that lets the sun shine through” – can trace their roots back to the town of Bad Urach. Less than 40 miles away lies the city of Tübingen, which hosts culinary highlights every year like the much-anticipated chocolART, the largest chocolate festival in Germany. Further to the south in the Zollernalb district, your taste buds will rejoice after trying the so-called “Albzarella”. This special mozzarella has been made in the Swabian Alb since 2005 with the milk of the Alb buffalo.

"Shopping Mecca" Metzingen

Hugo Boss, Adidas, Escada, Strellson, Wollford... even the biggest names in fashion know to appreciate the Neckar-Alb as an ideal business location. “Shopping Mecca” Metzingen’s more than 60 outlet stores from top brands get hearts racing and credit cards swiping, welcoming a total of almost 3.5 million visitors from 185 different countries every year. A foreign guest rate of 38% proves that the outlet’s overwhelming popularity isn’t limited to Germany. OUTLETCITY METZINGEN offers the perfect mix of shops, restaurants, cafés, and gardens for resting your feet after a long day of shopping. Come and enjoy hours of stress-free shopping in Europe's most famous fashion outlet!