Posters for the Neckar-Alb region

The region of Neckar-Alb has always been the home of great thinkers and inventors. Thanks to its history, it has brought forth strong clusters in the automotive supply industry, medical technology and technical textiles. To maintain and build on this advantage, it is important to promote rising stars at university and in training. Our “Spitzenplatz” (“top place”) poster campaign is designed to draw attention to the model trainees and university students in our region.

It’s easy to get on track when the path is well lit, hence the many guiding lights in the Neckar-Alb region leading the way for investors. Examples include the many global market leaders acting as a magnet for successful clusters, the University of Tübingen, which makes the region an internationally visible beacon, or the excellent infrastructure clearing the way for progress.

It’s a lovely place, which is why workers like to come here – and also why they never want to leave. The breathtaking countryside of Schönbuch and the Swabian mountains make a wonderful complement to the rich cultural programmes in the towns. From readings, concerts and live events in the city halls of Reutlingen and Balingen to the outstanding exhibitions in Tübingen Exhibition Hall. From long walks in the woods to cross-country skiing or picnics on idyllic meadows: life is great in Neckar-Alb.

Dr Hanna Gaspard receives funding from the Baden-Württemberg Foundation’s elite programme and carries out research at the University of Tübingen’s Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology.

If you stop getting better, you’ve stopped being good. This is the motto according to which we teach more than 36,000 students at the region’s six institutes of higher education. Whether they are at the University of Excellence in Tübingen or the top-ranking institutes of higher education in Rottenburg, Reutlingen and Albstadt-Sigmaringen, in Neckar-Alb young people rise to become highly skilled workers.

André Pul was named Germany’s best wood processing mechanic at the 2015 DIHK awards for the best German trainees. He is in training at Schwörer Haus KG.

One of the key questions for the future is: how can we produce energy without putting our own existence at risk? In the Neckar-Alb region we are working on the answers. While the use of wood as a resource is being refined at Rottenburg University of Applied Forest Sciences, companies are developing new products for a future in which renewable energy leads us into prosperity.

Christoph Schönberner is a journeyman training under master sweep Patric Stocker. He came second place in the national chimney sweeping competition and was the regional winner in Baden-Württemberg.

Why are we so successful? Because we still have that famous Swabian ingenuity. Many of our large companies started out in the workshop of a talented craftsman who came up with an idea and followed it through unwaveringly. Even today, crafts are the most varied business sector in the region. Acting as employers and trainers, thousands of small enterprises create another pillar to give the region economic stability.

Locations of the posters

Marketing for the region is the central task of the Standortagentur Tübingen – Reutlingen – Zollernalb GmbH. The Standortagentur aims to promote and strengthen the international image of the Neckar-Alb region within the European Metropolitan Region of Stuttgart, as well as demonstrate the region’s appeal to visitors and investors. Partners of the Standortagentur include 32 cities and municipalities, three regional districts, the Neckar-Alb Regional Association, as well as the Reutlingen Chamber of Crafts (HWK) and Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).