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The Neckar-Alb region is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg between the state capital of Stuttgart, the Swabian Alb mountain range, and the beautiful Lake Constance. One of the most attractive business sites in Germany, its predominate industries include: Mechanical engineering, automotive, medical technology, (technical) textiles, biotechnology as well as timber and renewable energies. The Standortagentur Tübingen – Reutlingen – Zollernalb is responsible for marketing the region’s many strengths both at home and abroad, as well as providing competent, useful contacts for entrepreneurs, investors, and visitors to the region. Navigate your way through our website and find out more about the region, its companies and industries, landscape and culture, as well as our work and services.


For Companies & Investors

Are you looking for the ideal location for your business? Are you interested in partnerships, networks, and projects? Then you're in the right place! The Neckar-Alb region is shaped by a mid-sized company culture,  providing companies the fertile ground from which innovation grows.

For Professionals & Graduates

From young, aspiring companies to world market leaders in their industries, from elite universities and schools of excellence to internationally recognized business schools – the Neckar-Alb region is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany and paving the way for a bright tomorrow.

About the Neckar-Alb Region

The Neckar-Alb region comprises three districts, 66 cities and municipalities, nearly 700,000 inhabitants, and around 50,000 companies and skilled craft businesses. Take a look at the numbers, qualities, and industries that make the Neckar-Alb region such an attractive business location.  

Pillar of Strength: The Neckar-Alb Region

The Neckar-Alb region is known far beyond German borders as a top business location with excellent business clusters. With a strong global network at its back, the region profits from a vast pool of highly trained professionals as well as countless research projects that lead to the creation of new business. In addition to an excellent infrastructure, the Neckar-Alb region also boasts an exceptionally high quality of life. People love living here – better still, they enjoy spending their money at home. All of these factors have enabled a healthy economic region to develop and thrive, making it equally attractive for industry, service, commerce, and trade. 

bonding Firmenkontaktmesse Karlsruhe
23.01.2019 - 24.01.2019

Die Firmenkontaktmesse bonding  am 23. und 24. Januar 2019 bietet Studierenden Einblicke ins Berufsleben und bringt Arbeitgeber mit potenziellen ...

eltefa Stuttgart
20.03.2019 - 22.01.2019

Die eltefa, Fachmesse für Elektrotechnik und Elektronik, findet 2019 zum 20. Mal auf der Messe Stuttgart statt. Als größte Landesmesse der...

bonding Firmenkontaktmesse in Dresden
08.04.2019 - 10.04.2019

Die Firmenkontaktmesse bonding  am 23. und 24. Januar 2019 bietet Studierenden Einblicke ins Berufsleben und bringt Arbeitgeber mit potenziellen ...

Regional networks

Industry-specific clusters and networks bring together companies throughout the region, resulting in valuable synergies that secure the success of the Swabian economy.

News from the Neckar-Alb region

Donnerstag ist Mutscheltag

Am Donnerstag nach Dreikönig munden die Uracher Brezel und die Tübinger Seele so vorzüglich wie sonst auch. In Reutlingen geht an diesem Datum aber ein echter Stern der Backwaren-Szene auf.  

In und außerhalb der Kunsthalle

Die Kunsthalle Tübingen bietet im Jahr 2019 bekannte Namen, ungewohnte Perspektiven - und verlässt mit ihrem Programm auch die eigenen Wände. Wirken in die Stadt ist angesagt.Bis Mitte Februar ist mit 

Do goht dr Doig

Vom Fernsehen auf die Bühne ins Kino und jetzt wieder auf die Mattscheibe - der mediale Weg der wendungsreichen Bäcker-Saga ist verschlungener als eine Brezel. Wer vor knapp zwei Jahren Laible & 

Marketing for the region is the central task of the Standortagentur Tübingen – Reutlingen – Zollernalb GmbH. The Standortagentur aims to promote and strengthen the international image of the Neckar-Alb region within the European Metropolitan Region of Stuttgart, as well as demonstrate the region’s appeal to visitors and investors. Partners of the Standortagentur include 31 cities and municipalities, three regional districts, the Neckar-Alb Regional Association, as well as the Reutlingen Chamber of Crafts (HWK) and Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).